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    What license is included?

    All downloads always come with our commercial & merch license. On each zip, we include the license of each bundle. You can find what is allowed and what is not allowed by following this link

    How can i edit the designs

    You can edit them using free software such as INKSCAPE. You can also use paid software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Affinity Designer.

    Can I resell these designs?

    These designs can be sold on a final product like T-shirts mugs, bags, etc. This means your customers can buy your shirts with our designs on them. The designs themselves cannot be sold separately like we’re selling them as a bundle. For more info about the do and don’ts, you can follow this link

    Can i claim ownership of a design?

    You Cannot Claim Ownership of an Item, Even When Included in an End Product. You cannot blame another user of POD Frenzy for plagiarism or copyright violation
    POD Frenzy retains ownership. You can’t claim ownership of an Item, even if it has been modified. We give you the rights to sell our designs on a final product like a T-shirt but you cannot claim the ownership of the design.

    All the designs are registered under DMCA for Sphinx Media LTD

    Company Info

    SPHINX Media
    G.E.M.I Number:157790906000
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