No Ferraris Here

Hello there! My name is George Manousakis & I created this free course to help you start, grow, or scale your print-on-demand brand on Shopify! If you are just starting out or a veteran on Shopify, you'll get something out of this course.

We've put together what I think is the world's best free print-on-demand course to help you get up and running.This course has more than 2 hours of content and will guide you step by step.

My motto is "Stay Humble | Hustle Hard", so you will not see me bragging about my results, but if you follow our steps, I can guarantee you'll be able to build a solid print-on-demand brand.

Niche Research

In 1st lesson, we will learn what are the different niche stores like a general niche store or a sub-niche store. We will also learn how to make niche research before we even buy our domain name as this is one of the most crucial steps for your Print ON Demand store.

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niche research POD Frenzy

Shopify Store Creation

In the 2nd lesson, we will learn how to create your Shopify store from A to Z. Buying a domain name, creating pages, creating collections, modifying our front page, creating shipping profiles, and many more.

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Choosing Our Printing Provider

In the 3rd lesson, we will learn what printing provider to choose and why, how to connect it into our store, and finally how to list our first product correctly.

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In the 4th lesson, we will learn what makes a design great and how to modify POD Frenzy’s designs or basically any design in order to have more chances to make a sale. Designing is one of the pillars to a successful Print  On Demand Business

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In the 5th lesson, we will learn how to set up your Facebook business account correctly and how to run your first ads. We will start by creating a traffic campaign, analyze the results and move into a conversions ad.

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